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ROSS Controls® and concern for machine safety... the two go hand in hand. ROSS has been designing and supplying the "industry standards" of safety products for pneumatic energy isolation (LOTO) and control reliable double valves for the Press metal forming industry for clutch/brake applications and the general manufacturing sector for decades. Even before Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) existed, ROSS designed and supplied valves for energy isolation and mechanical press clutch/brake control valves that were later widely recognized as aids to companies for regulatory compliance in non-press applications. These are some of the most safety critical pneumatic valve applications in manufacturing today, and ROSS has been there to help make jobs safer for workers, helping to protect our customers' investments in machinery, and increase productivity.

Customer Defined Application Solutions with ROSS/FLEX®

When you need the function of a standard product in a different package and need a solution in a hurry. These solutions are built to reduce costs, improve productivity, and provide a perfect fit.

ROSS can repackage the existing, proven internal parts of standard products eliminating the need for life-cycle testing.

ROSS’ specialty trained and equipped design engineering team can work directly with your engineering team to design the optimum solution. 

With our fully-automated manufacturing system that is truly state-of-the-art, the net result is a unique solution that is manufactured to your requirements and developed in days, rather than weeks or months.

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ROSS Controls has Experienced Engineers & Professionals All Around the Globe
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M35 series with without soft start valves 1546888125
ROSS Controls® Announces DGUV Test Certification for M35 Series Valves

ROSS announces their M35 Series safety exhaust double valves are now DGUV Test Certified to Category 4, Performance Level e per the DIN EN ISO 13849-1. These pneumatic safety valves meet all global requirements for machine safety and are commonly used to exhaust the downstream air, to help meet stop-time requirements in machine guarding.

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Low temp 1543261573
ROSS Product News - Low Temperature Ratings on Valves

ROSS Controls® is pleased to announce modernized low temperature ratings for many of our legacy products.

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High pressure counterbalance 1536942564
ROSS Controls® Announces New High Pressure Counterbalance Control Valve Assembly

ROSS Controls® introduces its new High Pressure Automatic Counterbalance Control Valve Assembly, for press metal forming applications

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Hydraulic block bleed double valve 1536071037
ROSS Controls® Announces New Hydraulic HBB Series Safety Valve Systems

ROSS Controls® introduces its new Hydraulic Block & Bleed valve systems, 3/2 Safety Double Valves, designed for external monitoring for Safe Supply/Drain to Tank applications.

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Bbh hydraulic valve 1546888217
ROSS Controls® Announces New Hydraulic HBH Series Safety Valve Systems

– ROSS Controls® introduces its new Hydraulic Block & Hold valve systems, 3/2 Safety Double Valves, designed for external monitoring, for Load Holding safety applications.

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