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Flow Control Valves

19 Series
Features & Benefits
  • Low profile, high capacity & right angle series available
  • Available with NPT & BSPP port threads
  • Low profile series includes slot & knob adjustment options
  • High capacity series includes inline & offset orientation options
  • Right angle series includes slot & knob adjustment options

ROSS Controls® Flow Control Valves - 19 Series

The ROSS® Flow Control Valves 19 Series, provide high air flow rates into a cylinder, and precisely controlled flow rates out of the cylinder. The adjustable flow can range from near zero to full flow. Selecting Flow Control Valves with sufficient flow capacity is important so they do not become the limiting factor in the cylinder control system. Full flow capacity should match that of the control valve, to keep cylinder motion smooth and predictable in both directions. The ROSS® Flow Control Valves 19 Series are offered in Low-Profile, High-Capacity, Low-Profile High-Capacity, and Right-Angle options. The Low-Profile and Right-Angle Flow Control Valves include slot and knob flow control adjustment options. These valves offer positive locking preventing change of adjustment due to vibration or tampering. Right-Angle Valve screws directly into the cylinder port, and have a swivel inlet port that can be rotated 360° for optimum port placement, with treads or push-to-connect fittings.

For additional information on how this ROSS® valves will fit into your pneumatic system, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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