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SAE, Sub-Bases & Manifolds

80 & 84 Series
Features & Benefits
  • Single sub-base & manifold sub-base options available
  • Available with NPT port threads

ROSS Controls® SAE Valve Sub-Bases & Manifolds – 80 & 84 Series

The ROSS® SAE sub-bases and manifolds are used with the ROSS® SAE 80 and 84 Series valves.  Sub-bases and manifolds are available in three SAE Sizes, 125, 250, and 500. Both sub-bases and manifolds have NPT port threads, and are equipped with an external pilot supply port.  Sub-bases are side ported, while manifolds have ports on two sides, the end and the bottom.  Manifold inlet and exhaust ports are oversized for superior flow capacity, and can be piped into both sides of each station. Individual bolts at each interface provide high compression force, ensuring good seals between manifold stations. Both sub-bases and manifolds have a sturdy hold-down design for easy bolt mounting and access.

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