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ISO 5599-2, Sub-Bases & Modular Manifolds

W65 Series
Features & Benefits
  • Single sub-base and manifold sub-base options available
  • Available with NPT & BSPP port threads
  • Single sub-bases available with side or side/bottom ports
  • Manifold sub-bases available with bottom or bottom/end ports

ROSS Controls® ISO 5599-2 Valve Sub-Bases & Modular Manifolds – W65 Series

The ROSS® ISO 5599-2 Sub-bases and modular manifolds are used with ROSS® ISO 5599-2 W65 Series valves.  Sub-bases and sub-base manifolds are available in ISO Size 1, 2, & 3, side and bottom ported, with BSPP or NPT threaded ports. Sub-bases and Sub-base Manifolds include terminal strips, making wiring quick and easy. Sub-base manifolds have oversized inlet and exhaust ports at both ends of the manifold assembly. For a complete manifold installation, manifold kits and accessories are available.

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