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Selector Switch Valves

12 Series

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Features & Benefits
  • 3/2 inline, spool & sleeve valve
  • Black switch knob actuator
  • Normally Close, or Normally Open operations simply by piping the inlet supply accordingly

ROSS Controls® Selector Switch Valve - 12 Series

The ROSS® Selector Switch Manual Valves 12 Series are directional control manually operated inline spool and sleeve valves, used to control direction of air flow. The valve actuator must be held in actuated position to keep valve shifted. The ROSS® Selector Switch Manual Valve 12 Series are offered in 3-way 2-position, detented function. Normally Closed or Normally Open function is achieved by piping the inlet supply accordingly.

For additional information on how this ROSS® valve will fit into your pneumatic system, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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