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Toggle Lever Valves

11 Series
Features & Benefits
  • 2/2 & 3/2, Normally Closed Valves
  • Reliable poppet valve construction
  • Side and bottom mounting flanges
  • Rugged cast aluminum valve body

ROSS Controls® Toggle Lever Manual Valve - 11 Series

The ROSS® Toggle Lever Manual Valves 11 Series are manual-actuated directional control poppet valves, providing on-off control in a pneumatic application. These reliable poppet design valves can serve as a remote pilot valve where hand operation is desirable. The ROSS® Toggle Lever Manual Valves are offered in 2-way 2-position or 3-way 2-position, normally closed, spring return function. These valves have side and bottom mounting flanges. Featuring dual-mounting flanges these valves offer flexible, easy installation options. The self-cleaning poppet design and rugged cast aluminum body, assures a long-lasting low-maintenance life.

For additional information on how this ROSS® valve will fit into your pneumatic system, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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