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TURCK Serial Bus

Non I-O Modules

ROSS Controls® Serial Bus System with Turck Modular I/O

The ROSS® Serial Bus System with Turck Modular I/O is a reliable, high-quality electronic interface, with consistent and productive performance. The BL67 system offers a broad selection of I/P protocol options for optimum system flexibility, including DeviceNet, ModBus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Profinet, PROFIBUS-DP, and CANopen. The BL67 products are modular, rugged and can be utilized with AIMTM, BL20 and Piconet® for specialized applications requiring IP 67 (ingress protection against contaminants).

The TURCK Modular Industrial I/O System BL67 products are compact, ruggedly constructed and offer modular construction for greater adaptability. They are available as DIN-rail or frame mounted base modules with eurofast®, minifast®, M23 or picofast® connectors. Communication module supports up to 32 station modules each supporting up to 8 I/O modules. Input modules accept signals from sensors, photo eyes, limits and other field input devices, and output modules provide signals to remote solenoid valves and other field output devices.

The TURCK Serial Bus communication offers exceptional performance when paired with ROSS’ compact and durable W65 Series ISO 5599/II Size 1, 2, & 3, and W66 Series ISO 15407-2 Size 00 & 0 valves. These small, long-lasting, high-flow valves offer energy savings with their low electricity consumption. Both series are plug-in which eliminates the need to disconnect wires when removing the valve, making maintenance easier and simplifying serial bus system connection.

For additional information on ROSS® Serial Bus System with Turck Communication, or other Serial Bus products, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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