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ROSS Serial Bus

Non I-O Modules
Features & Benefits
  • Valve Driver Module - provides an interface between the Serial Bus system and the valve assembly
  • Terminating Base Module - used as the last terminating Module for a stand alone Serial Bus assembly
  • Power Extender Module - used on every 12th Module in an Serial Bus assembly

ROSS Controls® Serial Bus Communication

The ROSS® Serial Bus Communications System, is a networking solution that makes controlling your system from a remote site easier. ROSS® Serial Bus System is an open communication network that allows for low-cost connection between a controller and valves, sensor, actuators, and other devices. The Serial Bus System resides below the host controller, which may be a transitional PLC, or an inexpensive industry-standard personal computer. Devices that were formerly hardwired directly to the host or remote I/O racks become nodes on the fieldbus network. The result is a system that can transport control-oriented, real-time data as well as lower priority information such as devices configuration parameters and troubleshooting data, and it does all that while reducing the cost of installation, wiring, and maintenance.

The ROSS® Serial Bus System is a family of device-level network compatible products that allows you to more easily and efficiently control solenoid valves from a remote location. The ROSS® Serial Bus System currently supports the DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, and PROFIBUS DP networks. The Serial Bus System offers up to 63 I/O modules, which can be used in any combination of up to 264 Inputs and up to 264 Outputs desired. I/O modules can be connected to input devices such as limit switches or photoelectric sensors, or output devices like a solenoid. The control circuitry is optically isolated from the network to prevent crashes to the overall system. The pre-assembled, pre-wired valve banks eliminate the need for bulky wiring and time-consuming maintenance, while LED status indicator make network troubleshooting simpler.

The ROSS® Serial Bus communication offers exceptional performance when paired with ROSS® compact and durable W60 & W64 Series ISO 5599/I, W65 Series ISO 5599/II Size 1, 2, & 3, and W66 Series ISO 5599/I and ISO 15407-2, Size 00 & 0 valves. These small, long-lasting, high-flow valves offer energy savings with their low electricity consumption. Both series are plug-in which eliminates the need to disconnect wires when removing the valve, making maintenance easier and simplifying serial bus system connection.

For additional information on ROSS® Serial Bus Communication and accessories, or other Serial Bus products, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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