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Miniature Valves

W14 Series
Features & Benefits
  • 3/2 base mounted valve
  • Manual override - flush; metal locking, or non-locking
  • Indicator light option

ROSS Controls® Miniature Valves - W14 Series

The ROSS® Miniature valves W14 Series are single-direct solenoid operated air control poppet valves, rated for Cv 0.1 nominal flow, designed for remote control of larger air valves, air cylinders, and other air operated control systems. The ROSS® Miniature valve W14 Series is a reliable poppet design base mounted valve, 3-way 2-position, Normally Closed, and spring return operation, for sub-base or manifold mounting. This Miniature valve features locking or non-locking manual override, captive mounting bolts, 4-position electrical connector with sub-base, and 2-position electrical connector with manifold installation.

For additional information on ROSS® Miniature valves, including accessories, reference our downloadable literature or contact us.

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