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Custom Systems from ROSS Controls

ROSS Controls® offers custom solutions from simple to complex to meet your specific needs and the industry requirements. The flexibility of our custom solutions stretches to include use of third party components along with ROSS components such as valves and air preparation components. We want you to be able to find a solution to your problem easily. Our ROSS engineers are happy to help you find a solution to increase your productivity and quality that also meets industry requirements and specific business needs. Whatever custom solution type you choose, you will save time and money starting with the purchasing process through a quick and easy installation at the job site.

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Plate Mounted Systems, Valves Stands, and Cabinets

ROSS offers systems to maximize efficiency in parts ordering and installation. Each plate mounted system, valve stand, and cabinet is built and designed by ROSS up to industry standards complete with your safety in mind. Plate Mounted Systems are shipped under one part number and come assembled, prewired, piped, and pre-tested so it’s ready for installation. Valve Stands might work for you if you want to isolate and position a group of valves. Each valve stand provides a function you wouldn’t be able to achieve through the standard process and is available for use with a wide variety of equipment. Enclosed System Panels, otherwise known as Cabinets, are another solution best for harsh or hazardous conditions. These Cabinets are also available for use with a wide variety of equipment and can be ordered with restricted access. All these systems offer custom solutions to your needs, and are able to work with third party components for even more flexibility. 

Our Systems

ROSS can review your current schematics, bill of materials, and specifications while comparing your current installation to new technologies available today along with any changes in your strategy.  ROSS can design and build your system using industry best practices in accordance to your specifications and industry standards – including safety! Your system will have the same quality that you have experienced with ROSS components and would arrive fully tested and ready for installation.

Plate Mounted Systems

If your application requires your assembly to be mounted on a plate, ROSS can provide you with a solution that is assembled, plate mounted, prewired, piped, and shipped under one part number.  Upon arrival, your plate-mounted system can be mounted directly onto your machine.

Valve Stands

If your application requires a flexible way to isolate and position a group of valves near the tooling, a ROSS free-standing valve stand can be an excellent solution.  Valve stands will enable you to test new circuits prior to full implementation or to provide a function that is not part of the standard process.

Enclosed System Panels (Cabinets)

ROSS can also provide custom systems with enclosed panels for applications located in harsh or hazardous conditions. ROSS panels are designed and constructed with materials that meet your industry demands and your pneumatic and electrical specifications.

ROSS Controls Custom Solution Services

  • System Design
    • Close engineer-to-engineer coordination
    • Existing application designs or new ROSS circuits
    • Pneumatic expertise
    • Proven ROSS components and other quality components as specified by the customer
  • System Build
    • Built to exact customer specifications
    • Strict ROSS quality control system (ISO 9001:2008)
    • Superior craftsmanship and materials
  • System Testing
    • 100% testing prior to leaving the ROSS factory
    • On-site testing & installation service available
    • Tested, built and designed to standards and certifications as required
    • (CSA, UL, ANSI, CE, EN, ISO, etc...)
  • Project Documentation
    • Drawings & schematics
    • Bill of Material
    • Instruction manual & product information
  • Installation Assistance
    • Documentation
    • On-site support

Helping You With Machine Safety, or Machine Guarding as it Has Become Known

ROSS employs a team of Global Industry Specialist with Vast Experience in fluid power applications with a special emphasis on Safety. The ROSS Safety Team participates on industry standards committees that set policy and best practices for machine guarding in order to improve worker Safety, reduce the likelihood of equipment damage and increase productivity.

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Whatever your need, our engineers at ROSS Controls would be happy to help you find a solution. Being able to meet industry needs and business specifications is no problem! Contact us to get started on your way to a safer solution with increased productivity!

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