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MD3 Series Port Sizes 1/4 to 1/2; Flow to 125 scfm (3540 l/min)

Air Preparation Filters Absorbing MD3 Series Product Overview

The Absorbing MD3 Series of Air Preparation Filters is engineered to meet diverse air filtration requirements, offering a comprehensive range of filtration options. These filters provide efficient removal of particulate matter with filtration options including 5- and 40-micron levels. For precision filtration, our absorbing Filters come in 0.3- and 0.01-micron options, ensuring the cleanest air possible. These filters also feature Oil Vapor Removal (Adsorbing) Filters, effectively eliminating oil and hydrocarbon vapors to maintain the purity of your air supply. Maintenance is simplified with a range of Filter Drains, including manual, automatic, internal float, and automatic external drains. Our filters are highly adaptable, with modular and in-line mounting options to suit your specific system requirements. You can select from metal or High Strength polycarbonate bowl materials to match different environmental conditions. For precise control and monitoring of your filtration systems, we offer several Differential Gauge options. The Absorbing MD3 Series Air Preparation Filters are the trusted choice for advanced air filtration needs.


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