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Quick Exhaust Valves 18 Series



  • Inline Mounting
  • Poppet Construction
  • Quick Cylinder Reversal

Quick Exhaust Valves 18 Series Product Overview 

ROSS quick exhaust valve function is to provide a rapid exhaust of controlled air when placed directly onto an air cylinder after the control valve. Quick cylinder reversal can be a problem if the control valve is at a distance from the cylinder or otherwise restricts the exhaust flow.  A ROSS quick exhaust valve near the cylinder opens as soon as the controls valve begins exhausting, and thus allows quick reversal of the cylinder.


Please refer to the side and below for links to easily navigate and download ROSS Controls Quick Exhaust Valves 18 Series catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available options to Quick Exhaust Valves 18 Series variant that meets your requirements.