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Check Valves 19 Series


  • Self-cleaning poppet design tolerates dirty air
  • Low cracking pressure
  • Serviceable in-line
  • Quiet operation due to soft-seal design

Check Valves 19 Series Product Overview

ROSS  check  valves function  is  to open  with  fluid movement  and  pressure, and  close  to prevent  backflow  of the  pressure  to upstream equipment. ROSS check  valves  are self-actuating  and  designed to  provide  free air  flow  in one  direction,  and to  be  closed to  flow  in the  opposite direction.


Please refer to the side and below for links to easily navigate and download ROSS Controls Check Valves 19 Series catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available options to Check Valves 19 Series variant that meets your requirements.