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Pendant Valves 1 to 6 Lever Options



  • A durable pneumatic solution that can be used anywhere manual control of devices is needed, such as an air hoist, air motor, or counterbalance cylinder
  • Ideal for use on or with material handling devices such as overhead cranes or air hoists
  • Can withstand even the toughest environments

Pendant Valves 1 to 6 Lever Options Product Overview

ROSS Pendant Control Valves are ergonomically designed for ease of use. The durable construction is designed to withstand the toughest environments. The high-flow capacity allows for speed of operation, while the variable stroke allows for optimized control by the operator.


Please refer to the side and below for links to easily navigate and download ROSS Controls Pendant Valves 1 to 6 Lever Options catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available options to discover Pendant Valves 1 to 6 Lever Options variant that meets your requirements.