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NAMUR Valves [95 & 34 Series] Spool or Ball Poppet Design



  • Resilient spool & sleeve construction
  • High flow capacity
  • Fast response times
  • 24 volts DC and 110 volts AC Solenoid Pilot Options
  • Inlet Pressure: 22.5 to 150 psig (1.5 to 10 bar)
  • Pushbutton, Non-locking Override

NAMUR Valve Series 95 & 34 Series Product Overview

The NAMUR INTERFACE 95 SERIES VALVES are compact in-line ported valves, offering a 5/2-way configuration with solenoid pilot control. Users have the choice of 24 volts DC or 110 volts AC for solenoid control, with a fixed port size of 1/4". These valves feature resilient spool and sleeve construction, ensuring durability and high flow capacity. Pressure ports are conveniently located within the valve body, and manual override capability is included. These valves can be employed in both lube and non-lube service applications, boasting fast response times.


The NAMUR INTERFACE 34 SERIES VALVES stand out with their "Duck-bill" protected exhaust port(s), effectively limiting the entry of washdown fluids and minimizing contamination accumulation. These valves are corrosion-resistant, thanks to their epoxy powder coat. They utilize Solenoid Pilot technology, offering low wattage, rapid shifting, repeatability, and a long operational life. A notable feature is the patented Ball-poppet internals, virtually eliminating internal leakage and ensuring self-cleaning valve seats for the valve's entire lifespan. These valves provide faster and more precise operation compared to spool valves and are configured as 3/2 Normally Closed.


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