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ISO 5599-2 [W65 Series] Spool & Sleeve, Plug-in Connection



  • Pilot operation provides high shifting force with low power consumption
  • Optional integrated plug-together manifold electrical connections
  • Maximum Inlet pressure: 150 psig (10 bar)
  • Automotive connector option mounted on individual conduit cover
  • Individual sub-base or manifold base mounting

Directional Control Valves ISO 5599-2 W65 Series Product Overview

The ROSS® ISO 5599-2 valves W65 Series are base mounted spool and sleeve valves that conform to the ISO standards 5599-2 mounting interface. The W65 series has a base electrical connector which eliminates the need to disconnect wires to remove the valve. Manifold bases feature the option for modular plug-together electrical connections terminating at end plates, offering a 25-pin D-sub or 19-pin round interface. 


Automotive connector option mounted to individual conduit cover. The ISO Valves W65 Series are adaptable to Serial Bus System. These ISO Size 1, 2, and 3 valves are available as, 2- and 3-position, 5-ported 4-way solenoid pilot or pressure-controlled valves with either internal or external pilot supply.


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