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Inline 10mm Spool Valves [M10 Series] Prewired 3-way Normally Closed or Normally Open Valves



  • 3/2 Single Direct Solenoid
  • Base Mounted
  • 14.0 Nl/min Cv 0.014
  • 12 & 24 VDC

Inline Spool Valves M10 Series Product Overview

The ROSS M10 (Ten Millimeter) Series valves are base mounted 3-way Normally Closed and Normally Open directional control spool valves, designed to control the flow of air and inert gases. Designed with a quick exhaust function with a maximum leakage rate of 0.016 sccm, bubble-tight seal.  Valves feature an epoxy impregnated, Nylon encapsulated class F coil for 100% continuous duty.


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