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Standard Pressure [CP & LF Series] Individual Solenoid Valve & Valve Manifolds



  • Positive Sealing
  • Self-Cleaning and Dirt Tolerant
  • Repeatability Over the Life of the Valve
  • Self-Compensating for Wear

Base Mounted Valves CP & LF Series Product Overview

The Series CP 2- or 3-way valves are available in normally open, normally-closed with solenoid and remote pilot configurations. The 2-way valves range from 3/8” to 21/2” pipe size with an impressive Cv range of 3.5 to 100. This high-flow capability is a unique and valuable feature in such a compact valve manifold design. The 3-way valves range from 1/2” to 1” pipe size and have a Cv range of 3.2 to 12.3. These valves can be ordered with inline or manifold base-mounted configurations (with through-holes), depending on the application requirements. 


This manifold capability allows customers to save time and money otherwise spent on piping and reduces potential leak paths, which saves energy. For added flexibility, the valves are available with customer-specified manifolds, allowing them to combine normally-open, normally-closed, solenoid pilot or remote pressure control operation together in one manifold to create simple valve systems for traditionally complicated applications. 


For example, a common application for these valves is on equipment where media of different pressure levels (including vacuum) may need to be applied sequentially to a common work piece. Instead of piping up several valves together with hard pipe, the Series CP valves can be configured into a common manifold. This is mostly possible due to the valves’ revolutionary port pressure independence which can solve many configuration issues and provide customers with infinite design possibilities.


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