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Diagnostics & Test Unit for Proportional Pressure Control Valves RESK4771.10

  • Complete signal processing for valve
  • Graphical evaluation for the functional and control behavior of Proportional Pressure Control Valves
  • Passive mode: connection to Pressure Control Valve on machine with monitoring/recording of all process variables
  • User-friendly operation via tablet touch interface
  • Support of all ROSS Proportional Pressure Control Valve models

The Diagnostics and Test Unit for Proportional Pressure Control Valves, together with the pneumatic Test Rig, provides everything needed to functionally test ROSS Proportional Pressure Control Valves. With the extensive accessory options, it is downward compatible so that all ROSS Proportional Pressure Control Valves can be tested. In addition, some third-party valves from other manufacturers are also supported.


Delivery Scope

  • Diagnostics and Test Unit incl. Tablet with Diagnostics and Monitoring Software
  • Case with integrated measurement hardware, field bus interface and tablet ac adapter
  • USB memory stuck with operating instructions
  • Power cord

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