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Diagnostics Tablet for Proportional Pressure Control Valves RESK4770.10

The ROSS Diagnostics Tablet RESK 4770.10 monitors and diagnoses the ROSS Proportional Pressure Control Valves Series PV40. The touch-controlled user interface allows efficient working with the device and provides easy access to all functions. All valves on a single or tandem machine can be analyzed individually or monitored by the tablet in parallel with one communication bus line. The unique and extensive diagnostics and communication features of the ROSS Proportional Pressure Control Valve are best utilized with the aid of the Diagnostics Tablet. The connection of the Diagnostics Tablet to the valve’s modbus communication interface will be established via the USB interface using the included cable adapter.


Delivery Scope

  • Diagnostics Tablet with Diagnostics and Monitoring Application
  • 45 Watt Power adapter
  • Field Bus Cable Adapter USB-M12B (2699L77)
  • USB memory stick with Operating Instructions
  • Practical suitcase


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