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MD4 Series Port Sizes 3/8" to 3/4"; Flow to 205 scfm (5806 l/min)

  • Filter and regulator consolidated in a single assembly, sight-feed lubricator
  • Modular mounting
  • Polycarbonate plastic bowl with steel shatterguard, aluminum bowl with clear sight glass, or extended aluminum lubricator bowl with sight glass
  • Automatic drain, manual drain, or electronic drain filter
  • Self-relieving diaphragm-type, or non-relieving regulator
  • Pressure gauge; two gauge ports

Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator MD4 Series Product Overview

The MD4 Series Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator offer a streamlined solution by consolidating filtration, regulation, and lubrication into a single assembly. These units are designed for modular mounting, ensuring easy integration into your system. You have options for the lubricator bowl: it can be a polycarbonate plastic bowl with a steel shatterguard, an aluminum bowl with a clear sight glass, or an extended aluminum lubricator bowl with a sight glass, catering to different environmental conditions.


For filter maintenance, you can choose from automatic drain, manual drain, or electronic drain options, providing flexibility for your air quality control needs. In this series, you have a choice between a self-relieving diaphragm-type regulator and a non-relieving regulator to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, the MD4 Series units come equipped with a pressure gauge and two gauge ports for comprehensive monitoring, making them a versatile and efficient solution for air quality and lubrication management.


Please refer to the side Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator MD4 Series catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator MD4 Series variant that meets your requirements.