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Electrical Isolation Devices e L-O-X® Series

  • Start (Test) / Stop buttons – Can be integrated with machine controls, for Start and Stop functions, and testing for energy release verification
  • Lockable disconnect switch (load-rated) – Local disconnect switch, lockable in the OFF position (Lockout/Tagout)
  • 3-Phase power indicator – Indicates voltage presence on all phases and, also, if phases are out of balance. Also, as a way to verify energy release after Lockout/Tagout
  • 100% factory tested

The ROSS e L-O-X® solution provides for local electrical energy isolation & verification.

The e L-O-X® includes a Stop button that can be used to send a Stop command to the machine. Once the machine has stopped and the disconnect switch (rotary on 30 to 100 A sizes) has been actuated and locked, isolation may be verified, visually, by use of the 3-phase voltage indicator and, also, by using the Start button to test the machine to verify that it does not run.


The e L-O-X® electrical isolation device is especially useful in situations where the distance to the main electrical disconnect is excessive and causes extra downtime traveling back and forth between the main disconnect and the machine when performing Lockout/Tagout.