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  • Each single valve in the HDBH Series system is equipped with an inductive position switch.
  • Monitoring of these switches is to be done by an electrical safety control system.
  • Redundant spool type valve system.
  • Special tamper resistant tool required for disassembly.
  • Mounts between manifold and directional valve.
  • Flow doubling available in applications where higher flows are needed.
  • Spacer kits are available to avoid interference with other devices on the manifold.

Hydraulic Dual Block and Stop Valves HDBH Series Product Overview

The HDBH Series system is a redundant, dual blocking valve system designed for critical applications where safe stopping is required for hydraulically controlled actuators. This valve system is equipped with inductive position switches for external monitoring by an electrical safety control system. The HDBH valve is designed to be sandwich-style mounted (interposed) between a manifold and a directional valve, or in-line mounted by use of optional mounting kits. 


Block and Stop functions are intended to momentarily stop an actuator (linear or rotary), but not to hold the actuator in place for an extended period. The HDBH valve is a spool type valve, and normal spool leakage will occur. The valve is intended to be used as a “permissive” safety device. Applications where long-term holding is necessary should also incorporate other components such as PO check, counterbalance, or mechanical locking devices. 


HDBH valves are intended to be used only for tasks that are routine, repetitive, and integral to production. Maintenance tasks require following full lock-out/tag-out procedures to relieve hazardous energy and prevent unexpected startup.


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