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SV27 Series Pilot Operated Redundant Check Valves Safety Category. 3 PL e, External Monitoring

  • Dirt tolerant, wear compensating for quick response and high flow capacity
  • Poppet construction for near zero leakage & dirt tolerance
  • Senses internal position & state
  • Electrical feedback via DPST switch (Double-Pole Single-Throw)
  • Directly operated safety-rated force-guided positive-break status switch (DPST)
  • A diagnostic coverage (DC) of up to 90% can be obtained by monitoring the safety switch status
  • SISTEMA Library available for download

SV27 Series Pilot Operated Redundant Check Valves Product Overview

Pilot Operated Check valves are designed to trap pressure in order to hold a cylinder in place when a safety event occurs. The SV27 Series Sensing Valve uses a safety-rated DPST switch to monitor the valve's operating position. The SV27 PO Check valves can be used for load holding functions in Category 2 (single) or Category 3 (redundant) applications with proper integration and monitoring. The feedback switch informs the controls that the valve internals have shifted properly.


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