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CC4 Series Double Valve Safety Category 4 PL e, External Monitoring

  • Redundant control with position feedback - can achieve Category 4, PL e, when used with proper safety controls.
  • ROSS poppet technology - fast, reliable, dirt-tolerant, face-sealing, low friction.
  • Redundant poppets prevent air from being supplied and exhausted from each outlet port.
  • Mid-position sensing using magnetic proximity sensors (PNP) for detection of closed center position providing feedback to the safety control system for external monitoring.
  • Dynamic, cyclical, external with customer supplied safety control system. Monitoring should check state of both valve mid-position sensors with any and all changes in state of valve control signal.
  • LED indicators on solenoids - aids troubleshooting
  • Manual trapped pressure relief to remove stored energy when required
  • SISTEMA Library available for download

CC4 Series Double Valve Product Overview

The CC4 Series double valve is a 4/3 safety directional valve, closed center, designed to control the direction of air flow into and out of a double-acting cylinder or other pneumatic actuator in order to drive the cylinder forward or backward to suit the requirements of the machine operation until signaled to shut off and trap pneumatic energy in the cylinder in order to stop cylinder motion (load holding). Thus, reducing the potential hazard of unexpected cylinder motion during employee access for production-related tasks and/or minor servicing. 


Turning off all solenoids on the 4/3 CC4 Series valve returns the valve to the center position in order to stop cylinder motion - this also allows jogging of the cylinder. The CC4 Series valve offers this function with the required level of control expected of the machine’s (system’s} safety control system up to Category 4, PL e. Such a control system must be capable of inhibiting further operation of the valve in the event of a fault within the valve.


Please refer to the side and below for links to easily navigate and download ROSS Controls CC4 Series Double Valve catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available options to CC4 Series Double Valve variant that meets your requirements.