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27 Series Soft Start -EEZ-On Valve Safety Category. 1, PLc

  • Dirt tolerant, wear compensating for quick response and high flow capacity
  • Gradual re-application of pneumatic pressure prevents rapid equipment movement at startup
  • Pressure buildup control an adjustable restriction within the EEZ-ON® valve determines the rate of downstream pressure buildup, and consequently the time delay for the full opening of the EEZ-ON® valve
  • Full size exhaust ports (equal to or larger than supply) provide rapid exhaust of downstream air and are threaded for silencers or remote exhaust lines
  • Flush flexible, non-locking manual overrides are standard on single solenoid models

27 Series Soft Start -EEZ-On Valve Product Overview

This gradual pressure buildup allows cylinders and other work elements to move slowly and more safely into their normal working positions before full line pressure is applied. The 3/2 valves have an exhaust port so that downstream air is exhausted when the valve is de-energized. At the same time, supply air is positively shut off so that a separate shut-off valve is not required.


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