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DMC2 Series Double Valve Safety Category 4 PL e, Internal Monitoring, Manual Reset

  • Redundant control can achieve Category 4, PL e, when used with proper safety controls
  • Dynamic Monitoring, and air flow control functions are simply integrated into two identical valve elements
  • Asynchronous movement of valve elements is detected by the dynamic monitoring and the valve latches in the safe condition, resulting in a residual outlet pressure of less than 1% of supply
  • Manual valve reset
  • Poppet design that is dirt tolerant, wear compensating for quick response and high flow capacity
  • PTFE backup piston rings enhances valve endurance enabling operation with or without in-line lubrication
  • Includes a pressure switch with both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts to provide status feedback to the control system indicating whether the valve is in the lockout or ready-to-run condition
  • High flow, clog resistant silencer included
  • Base mounted for ease of valve replacement, captive valve-to-base mounting screws
  • Inlet and outlet ports on both sides (plugs for unused ports included)
  • SISTEMA Library available for download

DMC2 Series Double Valve Product Overview

The DM2® Series C Safe Exhaust valves are dual valves used to block the supply and remove the downstream pressure from the circuit or machine. It is integrated into the electrical safety system to remove potentially hazardous energy in order to provide employees safe access to a machine or zone. 


By quickly removing the pneumatic energy with a safety valve, determined by the risk assessment, the safety system integrity is maintained allowing the employee to complete their tasks and safely and rapidly. 


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