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SV27 Series Single Valve Safety Category. 2 PL c, External Monitoring with & without Manual Lockout L-O-X®

  • Poppet construction for near zero leakage
  • Dirt tolerant, wear compensating poppet design for quick response and high flow capacity
  • Senses internal position & state
  • Electrical feedback via DPST switch (Double-Pole Single-Throw)
  • Directly operated safety-rated force-guided positive-break status switch (DPST)
  • A diagnostic coverage (DC) of 99% can be obtained by monitoring the safety switch status
  • Includes integrated 1/8" sensor port for pressure verification with either a visual pop-up indicator or electrical pressure switch
  • L-O-X® design only allows the valve to be lockable in the OFF position
  • SISTEMA Library available for download

SV27 Series Single Valve Product Overview

Sensing Valves SV27 Series, based upon the proven 27 Series valve family, combine the tough, dirt tolerant characteristics of poppet technology with sensing for actual poppet position and state. 


Electrical feedback is provided via a positively-driven, safety-rated DPST (Double-Pole Single-Throw) switch with both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts. For 3/4 and 11/4 bodies, the DPST switch is actuated whenever the valve is not in the normal home position. For size 2 body, the DPST switch is only actuated whenever the valve is in the normal home position.


Enhanced safety can be achieved by installing an optional visual pressure indicator or pressure switch into the 1/8 NPT pressure verification port (PV) for verification of pressure release.  These sensing valves are available in 3/2 normally closed functions with single solenoid pilot or pressure controlled pilot actuation.


Please refer to the side and below for links to easily navigate and download ROSS Controls SV27 Series Single Valve Catalogs, Installation Instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available options to discover the SV27 Series Single Valve variant that meets your requirements.