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RER1 Series Electro-Pneumatic Proportional Valves

  • Accurate to < +/- 2.5% F.S.
  • 0 - 10 volts DC analog monitor output
  • NEMA 4 IP65 rating
  • Accepts analog command signal inputs

Pressure Regulators RER1 Series Product Overview

The RER1 Series Pressure Regulators are known for their high precision, accurate to less than +/- 2.5% of full scale. They feature a 0-10 volts DC analog monitor output, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control. With a NEMA 4 IP65 rating, they are well-protected against environmental factors, making them suitable for various conditions. Additionally, these regulators can accept analog command signal inputs, providing flexibility and adaptability in a range of applications.


Please refer to the side and below for Pressure Regulators RER1 Series catalogs, installation instructions, and technical data. Additionally, you have the option to filter through all available Pressure Regulators RER1 Series variant that meets your requirements.