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27 Series Lockout L-O-X® Valves Safety Category. 1, PL c, Piloted Valves with Manual Lockout L-O-X® Control

  • Dirt tolerant, wear compensating for quick response and high flow capacity
  • Operated like the manual lockout L-O-X® valve, the position of the red handle indicates instantaneous full flow pressurizing or exhausting capability
  • Allows the air supply to be turned on or off by remote electrical control when valve is not in the lockout position
  • Full size exhaust ports (equal to or larger than supply) provide rapid exhaust of downstream air and are threaded for silencers or remote exhaust lines
  • Design only allows the valve to be lockable in the OFF position
  • Fluorocarbon slipper seals for easy shifting, even after long periods of inactivity
  • Includes integrated sensor port for pressure verification with either a visual pop-up indicator or electrical pressure switch

27 Series Lockout L-O-X Valves Product Overview

ROSS manual L-O-X® (lockout & exhaust) valves are energy isolation valves and are generally used as the first valve in a line supplying compressed air to equipment. OSHA and ISO 14118 compliance requires that the valve be padlocked in the closed position to prevent handle from being pulled out inadvertently during maintenance and/or servicing.


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