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Energy Isolation

Prevention of Unexpected Start-up (Lockout/Tagout)

Safe Exhaust

Safe De-energization

Air Entry Assemblies with Safe Exhaust

Lockout, Air Prep, Safe Exhaust

Safe Control

Externally Monitored Directional Control Valve

Soft Start

Safe Energization

Safe Return

Cylinder/Actuator Return to its Home (Safe) Position

Safe Control & Load Holding [CC4 Series]

Safe Cylinder Control, Stop, and/or Load-Holding

Safe Load Holding (PO Checks)

For Cylinder Position & Load Holding

Valves for Hazardous Locations

Explosion Proof & ATEX


Energy Isolation, Safe Exhaust, Soft Start, Safe Return, Safe Control and Load Holding, and Hazardous Location Valves

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